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The Process, Healing, and Workings of Laser Tattoo Removal 

The process of removing permanent ink from your skin is called tattoo removal. Your doctor may recommend laser therapy or another form of tattoo removal if you have a tattoo that you no longer want.

Lasers are concentrated light beams that are aimed at your skin to remove tattoos. By heating the ink particles in your skin, lasers can reduce their size and make it easier for your immune system to get rid of them. A tattoo may require several laser therapy sessions to be removed. Here at Dermaconsult Clinic offer the best Skin Laser Treatment in Aurangabad, we perform this procedure with an advanced Q-Switched laser to get safe, effective, and painless removal of tattoo pigments.

How does a laser tattoo removal method work?

You will get a consultation with a qualified, experienced doctor before the surgery, who will assess your condition and explain the steps involved. They will assess your skin and can inquire about the following:

  • When was this tattoo applied?
  • Have you ever had any tattoo removal methods done before?
  • Was it a professional or amateur who applied the tattoo?

Following a laser tattoo removal process, the following outcomes are anticipated:

  • You’ll have eye shields on for protection.
  • The best laser energy for your therapy is chosen after testing how your skin responds to the light.
  • During the procedure, a handpiece is pressed against your skin, and the laser light is repeatedly pulsed over the tattoo’s surface.

Following Treatment: Care and Results

Now that you are aware of the procedures involved in laser tattoo removal, let’s talk about realistic results and how to take care of your skin afterward

  • Keep the area clean and dry while the healing process progresses, and apply antibiotic ointment as directed by our professionals.
  • After the skin has healed, protect the treated area from the sun by wearing sunscreen.
  • Please remember that complete removal isn’t always achievable. Skin tone and ink colour, quality, and depth are a few examples of factors that can affect the outcome.
  • It is normally necessary to schedule multiple sessions, ideally six to eight weeks apart, to allow your skin to heal and your immune system to get rid of the broken ink particles. 


Laser tattoo removal is safe for the majority of people. A few are not the norm. For laser tattoo removal to be effective, your immune system must be strong. The process of laser tattoo removal can be painful or uncomfortable. The best Dermatologist In Aurangabad can administer numbing lotion or a shot to you to minimize pain and suffering. You will experience the best patient care here at Dermaconsult Clinic in Aurangabad.


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