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Reasons to Switch from Waxing to Laser Hair Removal

Reasons to Switch from Waxing to Laser Hair Removal

Are you sick of constantly having to wax and shave? The answer you’ve been searching for is laser hair removal. Hair removal with waxing has long been a popular choice. Conversely, it is gaining more and more traction. These are compelling arguments for thinking about moving from waxing to laser hair removal by Dermaconsult Clinic, the best dermatologist in Aurangabad.

Laser hair removal is more effective.

You have to wait for your hair to grow out before having your hair waxed. This implies that you have to put up with weeks of uncomfortable hair growth before you can even schedule an appointment. On the other hand, regardless of how long or short your hair is, it can be done whenever you choose. Because the treatment can target multiple hair follicles at once, fewer sessions are needed overall. 

Not as painful as waxing

Let’s face it, waxing may be a painful procedure. It can be excruciatingly painful to rip the hair out of your skin. On the other hand, this process rarely causes any pain during the process. The tingling you could feel is nothing compared to the discomfort of having your hair waxed.

More accuracy can be achieved with laser hair removal

Waxing can be a messy process. It’s possible for wax to get in the incorrect places and to overlook hairs. Conversely, it is accurate and targets individual hair follicles. You’ll have a smoother finish and are less likely to overlook any hairs as a result.

The cost of laser hair removal is lower

Even though this might seem expensive first, it eventually becomes more cost-effective. Waxing requires sessions every few weeks, which can mount up over time. You’ll save money in the long run because this will require fewer sessions overall.

Results from laser hair removal are long-lasting

Hair is only momentarily removed by waxing. On the other hand, long-lasting results are possible with laser hair removal. After a few treatments, you may notice that your hair is growing back thinner and slower. After a few more treatments, you might not need to have any hair removed at all.

Not a single ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are often the result of waxing, although they are not always the outcome of laser hair removal. By eliminating the hair follicle, laser hair removal lowers the likelihood of ingrown hairs and angled hair growth.

Less unpleasant

If you’ve had waxing done, you are aware of how uncomfortable the procedure is. On the other hand, laser hair removal doesn’t hurt. The tingling feeling that some patients experience during therapy is nothing compared to the discomfort that comes with waxing.

shorter time to recover

After a waxing process, our skin could feel painful, red, and swollen for a few hours or days. Withthis treatment, a minimal amount of recovery time is anticipated. Any redness or swelling should go down a few hours after treatment, and you can normally resume your normal activities immediately after.

Increased Advantage for the Environment

Waxing is done with disposable tools like spatulas and wax strips, which might increase waste. Because this methoddoesn’t use any disposable products, it is a more environmentally responsible option.

Advantageous for Your Skin

After waxing, the skin frequently feels irritating, particularly if your skin is sensitive. However, by reducing the appearance of ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues associated with traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal can improve the appearance of skin.


Consider using laser treatment if you’re tired of doing the same old things—shaving and waxing. While the initial cost might seem daunting, the long-term benefits are well worth it. Dermaconsult Clinic provides the best skin laser treatment in Aurangabad, India.

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