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PRP stands for” Platelet-rich plasma.” The best-rich plasma your blood can provide is used in platelet-rich plasma therapy because it promotes growth factors, speeds up the healing of wounds, and raises collagen and stem cell levels—all of which the body naturally produces to keep you looking youthful and vibrant. These growth factors are used in this instance to aid in the regeneration of thinning hair. 

Three steps are involved in PRP injections:

1)Your blood is taken, probably from your arm, to administer the therapy.

2)After that, the blood is spun down into three layers: red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and plasma rich in platelets. The remainder will be thrown away; only the PRP will be used.

3)After a local anesthetic has been given, a syringe is used to inject that PRP, or “blood injection,” into your scalp.

PRP can benefit a wider range of people. Our specialists provide the Best Hair Treatments in Aurangabad, and PRP Therapy is one of them.

Pre-Procedure Dos and Don’ts:

  • For at least three days before your PRP injections, refrain from using any hair products, including gel or hairspray. 
  • If you smoke or drink a lot, don’t do either right before. Your platelet count will be drastically reduced as a result, which could exclude you from the surgery.

Post-Procedure Dos and Don’ts:

  • Get back to your regular activities. You shouldn’t experience any disability or discomfort with PRP injections. 
  • After receiving PRP injections, wait at least 72 hours before coloring your hair. The strong chemicals may cause difficulties by irritating the injection site.

The Recovery Phase Following PRP Injections

There is a recovery period for every surgery. The majority of your daily activities won’t be hindered by yours, but the side effects and scalp pain will often go away in three to four weeks. In three to six months, it will be completely gone.

Dermaconsult Clinic is the Best Hair Clinic in Aurangabad India. The entire procedure is handled by the patient’s needs while being supervised by our specialists.

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